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August Walk 7:12 PM

There is a certain time of day when one is glad to entertain beautiful thoughts.

“This sunset is here.”

“Orange is something that happens in the sky when you look at it and it glows.”

Or life gains a meaning:

“There is a river I was born into, and I swim in it still, though I know not its name nor where the ocean it opens to lies. I wait for it, still, swimming, on and on and maybe smiling, a tear or a grin, but smiling still.”

You walk, yes you, you walk and the eyes of the sun hurl at you from the depths of the scape, from the roof of the world, or this one. Also I must marvel at the fact that the orange glare of the sun at 7:12 PM is something received from universes away, though eyesight is made possible by mandates from our brain.

August Walk thoughts are like that for me: how are they for you, though?

I would like to know about your August Walk, is it at 7:12 PM?

It doesn’t matter, because beautiful thoughts can be late too, sometimes.
Sometimes they’re very early like dew. Or late like owls.

But thoughts don’t have to be beautiful, they can be just thoughts, and that’s good too. Like this:

“Why, my oh my, dah-boom.”
It still has a rhythm. Look:

Say it and knock on wood.

You can have them at 9:17 PM, too, like me.


12 AM I love You

i was told you
were my friend
you said
and we stood backwards to the sky

who told you said i
and you pointed at my eye
pointing out wit glee, it’s a mirror
okay, i said
we travelled starscapes
dreamscapes and escapes
i was told you 
were my friend
you said
loving every minute
like fury or beauty

we told each other
how much we loved
meanwhile we resented when others
called for it from above
or something like that

we look for it
in the wrong places
you said
and of course
i knew what you were talking about
and of course
i was looking at you
or for you

so and now then.

what is it like to be one
you asked
maybe juliet knows
i said
or any of those fictions
from those plays and romance shows

the stars lay facedown to us
and you didn’t say much then
maybe i will kiss you now
and i didn’t say much then
not much to say anyway

© 2008 – Rolando A. López


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"Every questioning is a seeking. Every seeking takes its direction beforehand from what is sought." -Martin Heidegger
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