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for a Future Cousin

Nine months from now
(the now I hold so dear)
a life will be born
and she’ll flail her legs
and nothing will be torn

Nine months from now
For now will be forever
She will open to light
And she’ll cry when she comes
In your arms she’ll cry

Nine months from now
And now is only a cloud
She’ll be the rain 
For harvest
Her skin like a leaf
And her eyes, my tempest
Nine months from now
(and then and now again)
I’ll be born and she,
Life, will smile and fall
Silent and all the while
I’ll see her walk down the hall

Nine months from now
Or nine days, it’s the same,
Her father will be born
Her mother will be born
Her uncle will be born
A cradle will rock forth and forth

And she’ll be a dotted line 
Among dotted lines
And she’ll walk among the cities
Among the other lines
Nine months from now

Nine months from now
She’ll eat her own boogers
She’ll run before she walks 
She’ll prefer milk to low fat
She’ll hold a paper in her hand
She’ll say car, mommy, daddy, wall,

She’ll wear a square hat on her head
And throw it up for her, for her,
She’ll star in her own stage play,
And I’ll applaud for her, for her,
She’ll hit a home run all day,
And I’ll applaud for her, for her,
She’ll eat a hot dog with me,
And I’ll pay it, for her, for her,
She’ll go away too, but not now,
Please, not now.

She’ll wear a smile and a white dress,
For her, for her she will,
And then she’ll wear a tear and a black dress,
For me, just for me.

And she’ll have her nine months, too, then.
She’ll have them, too.

© 2008 – Rolando A. López



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