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This was our (EL SECRETO’S) collaborative short film effort for the summer of 2009. Thanks are due to all the artists, whether of song, pencil or life, and the people who made this movie possible.

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¿Yo te Gusto? (Do You Like Me?) on Vimeo

One year ago, I was eighteen and I desperately wanted to be involved in a film project. So I contacted some friends, and we made this little piece, which, again, strives at beauty. I am, once again, thankful to all those who participated. I can honestly say that it was a collaborative effort. And now… hopefully someone likes it.


“Do You Like Me?” is a story about a young author (Charles Hopgood) who wants to write a love story, of a young man and a woman in a room with a tree (Pablo Varona & Mónica Oliver), but for some reason can’t get himself to write it; mainly, because love stories, like love, are really complicated and it’s hard to find the truth. In his script, the man asks the girl: Do you like me? And the girl responds: Why do you ask? After that, the narrator gets stuck and he doesn’t know what else to write. His two imaginary friends (Efraín del Hierro & Adriana Colón) want to help him and come up with an ending that lets him see that, love stories, like love, though they may seem complicated, are at heart about a very simple thing: being with another person. And so it is that one of the imaginary friends writes: “She should respond: I like cold, I like hot, I like hate, I like love, I like you, yes. I like you, not. Do you understand, or not? If you want to know, look for the signal. Sometimes, you just have to trust…” The narrator smiles, and realizes that all people who are in love want is, as he puts it in the closing monologue, “Something as simple as company.” We see how his two characters are then reconciled. In the last shot, the narrator comes up to the camera, and asks out to the audience, “Do you like me?”


© 2008 EL SECRETO – Rolando A. López. Todas las imágenes son propiedad de Rolando A. López y su distribución debe ser autorizada.

© 2008 EL SECRETO – Rolando A. López.
All images are property of Rolando A. López and their distribution must be authorized.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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