Hello, I am 12 am I love You, or just plain Rolando, and I write. An Irish one once said, “the artist is the creator of beautiful things.” Well, I don’t know about that, but I like to tell myself that I try. But another one, a dear SJ, said, (I paraphrase) “to be human is to be a worthy creation of God; to be human is to be a poem of God.” And so we shall all try, in our best, atheists or otherwise, to be poems in ourselves, whether of God (if you are religious) or of the universe (if you are secular). 

So, you are here welcome to see my efforts at poetry. Hopefully they are of some value.

About me? I am young, at times serene, at times anxious. I major in English Writing, minor in Film Studies, and like to do things with people I love. I was born and raised in Puerto Rico, and have come to love New Orleans as a second home.

I like many works of art, written ones, drawn ones, picture ones, and motion picture ones. I don’t claim to be an expert in anything, nor to be precisely bad at anything. I simply claim effort. Beyond that, other eyes shall judge.

“…diré que creo en la inmortalidad: no en la inmortalidad personal, pero sí en la cósmica. Seguiremos siendo inmortales; más allá de nueztra muerte corporal queda nuestra memoria, y más allá de nuestra memoria quedan nuestros actos, nuestros hechos, nuestras actitudes, toda esa maravillosa parte de la historia universal, aunque no lo sepamos y es mejor que no lo sepamos.”
-Jorge Luis Borges 

(…I will say that I believe in immortality: not in personal immortality, but in the cosmic one. We will keep being immortal; beyond our corporal death, memory remains, and beyond our memory remain our acts, our events, our attitudes, all of that marvelous part of the history of the universe, though we may not know it and it is better that we do not know it.)


All original works on this page are © Rolando A. López 2008-2009 — any further distribution of them must be duly authorized.


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Welcome to my blog. Feel free to read, feel free to comment, and feel free, period.

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"Every questioning is a seeking. Every seeking takes its direction beforehand from what is sought." -Martin Heidegger
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